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It’s an all too common event: You entered into a legal agreement with another party and somewhere along the way it seems the terms of that agreement changed. Despite your best attempts, the guidance of a civil trial attorney is often the most effective option for resolving conflicts.

At Caglianone & Miller Trial Law we will look at the terms of your agreement and provide you with our best assessment of the most effective path forward. Often times, disputes can be successfully mediated without the need for a prolonged battle. However, in the event an agreement cannot be reached, we are always prepared to represent your rights in a court of law. We’ve tried cases for more than 20 years and have secured hundreds of successful outcomes.

If you have questions about the terms of a contractual agreement and would like to speak with a professional, please talk to us. As always, we do not charge for consultations and we would be glad to put our expertise to work for you.